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Double Door Strong Medicine Photostability Test Chamber

Temperature:15~50 ℃ Capacity:300L~1000L

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    Shanghai Port,China
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    3 weeks
Product introduction

Labonce-TPS Series Double Door Photo Stability Chamber,Equipped with visible and near ultraviolet lamp tube,It can independently control the type of light source,And it also can print and record the visible light and near ultraviolet radiation in real
time.Visible light and near ultraviolet can be directly set,automatically adjusted and precisely controlled.
◆ Light Source Design:With reasonable top design of light source, the sample of different position of shelf has good uniformity of receiving light source
◆ Thermal insulation:Integral high density polyurethane foaming technology,with good heat preservation and moisture retention performance;
◆ Chamber Materials:The exterior is coated with high quality steel plate,The liner is made of mirror stainless steel 304, no pollution source, easy to clean;
◆ Refrigeration system:Imported fully enclosed variable frequency compressor, high efficiency, low noise,Long life, low heat dissipation,More than 50%
energy saving in operation;
◆ Control system:programmable chromatic touch screen controller,With multi - segment program and constant value function,With three-level user rights, Audit tracking function.
◆ Data management :Configure needle type micro printer and electronic data storage function,support to use U disk to export the data.
◆ Safety device: Compressor overheat and overpressure overload protection, independent
overtemperature protection alarm system;
◆ Alarm system:Sound-light alarm on site
◆ Other congfiguration:Test hole、Rubber plug、Mobile casters、Door lock;
◆ Reference Standard:ICHQ1B、Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2020 edition;
◆ Power:AC220V±10% 50HZ;
◆ When the light open:Temperature Fluctuation < ±1.0℃,Temperature deviation of the same layer:< ±2.0℃;
◆ Environment Temperature:+5 ~ 35℃ .


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