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Blood Storage Refrigerator

TEMP:-20℃ Capacity:150L~720L
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Product introduction

Labonce - RC series Cryogenic storage  chambers is mainly used to save drugs, reagents, vaccines, biological products and blood products, etc., the temperature range for +5 ℃, the cooling system, digital temperature control system, air circulation system, temperature sensor, etc. Put in the medicine according to the need to set the temperature adjustment to the best refrigeration temperature can be run. When the temperature in the chamber is higher than the set temperature, the temperature is automatically adjusted to the required temperature through the refrigeration system, with the alarm of temperature exceeding the standard

Capacity :250L~2000L 

Temperature Range:+5, Fluctuation:±0.5℃, Deviation: ±1℃

Refrigeration compressor: full-closed compressor imported from the original, with two main and auxiliary engines working, long life and low noise;

Defrosting  device:Automation defrosting

Data printing: can print temperature value and curve at the same time;

Data storage: it can store temperature history data over 1 year; U desk storage;

Field alarm: on-site temperature deviation sound-light alarm;

Interior material: Mirror surface Stainless steel 304

External material: Steel powder coated

Dual doors: Glass door insideThe outer door can shield the light of outside 

Double protection: double protection with main and auxiliary compressor;

Power source: AC 220V±10%  50HZ 

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