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Stability Chambers is a different Temperature and humidity Chambers

In 1988, after four years of undergraduate study in pharmaceutical science, Fang and I graduated. The love in my heart was finally be released. We were lucky enough to be working for the same pharmacy company, looking forward to a better future together.Working hard , talking on a lot of work , clean the company .The college students of now may hard to understand why love should be kept in the heart. Why clean the company?

On Sunday, we went to the park together for a day, and feel very happy, I promised to take her to Beijing, and to the United States in the future. She nodded her head. Everything will go according to plan, but.....

I went to labonce that year, and you stayed in the pharmacy company.

You watched me get on the train. We didn't say anything. We knew in our hearts that the past was history.

One year later, Fang's salary for one year is about the same as mine for one month.

Two years later, I became a district manager and Fang still was a technician.

Three years later, I was promoted as the regional manager, and I went to the pharmaceutical company where I had worked once. A banner was hung at the door of the pharmaceutical company, "  welcome the visit and guidance of the leaders of labonce! " I used a slide projector in the pharmaceutical company's conference room, introducing " Stability Chambers is a different Temperature and humidity Chambers ".Fang and her colleagues listened carefully, taking notes and asking questions.

Five years later, Fang's husband came to the party with her on his bicycle. In the envious, jealous and hateful eyes of the students, I firmly believed that I had chosen the right path five years ago and thought it was worth give up love. Some of my classmate wanted to come out and join me.

Ten years later, Fang graduated from graduate school and is now studying for a PhD. I paid tens of thousands of RMB to study the EMBA, thinking of a few years to do a foreign degree. Fang was transferred from the original pharmaceutical industry to the medical research institute in Beijing as vice President, and I became the sales director. We often meet in academic conferences, and gradually I no longer call her "Fang" but "teacher Chen". Fang talked about some subjects that I didn't understand very well. I am still repeatedly saying that "Stability Chambers is a different Temperature and humidity Chambers ", but there are improvements, can be completely off-script.

Twelve years later, some drug companies have put up a "Ban on selling" sign.

Fifteen years later, Fang and I went to the United States together, Fang attended the meeting as a pharmaceutical expert, and I served as a staff member. Fang was very busy. In America, she only said a word to me, "you have made good on your promise of more than 10 years ago to bring me to America!" The joke cut my heart like a knife. Fang was on the platform, speaking her pharmaceutical dissertation in English. I was standing by the front door of the conference, and there was still the message "Stability Chambers is a different Temperature and humidity Chambers!"

Twenty years later, Fang and I were nearly 50, and Fang became the dean and academic leader. I am used to planning and directing, suddenly looking back,I found that I didn’t do anything.

Gradually, I found myself begin to lose my way and panic...

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