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High Temperature Constant Test Chamber

High Temperature Constant Test Chamber GW

TEMP:10~200℃ Capacity:100L~1000L
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Product introduction

Labonce-GW series high temperature constant temperature test chamber, adopt the newly structural design, stable and reliable performance, suitable for high temperature test of electrical and electronic products and materials.


Temperature Range: 10~200℃

1. Imported executive components ensure stable and reliable performance.

2.  Adopting the newly structural design, the temperature uniformity inside the box is good.

3.  Low noise motor and stainless steel multi - wing centrifugal wheel are used.

4.  The circuit control panel and other components are fixed in a position convenient for inspection and maintenance.

5.  With over temperature protection function.

6.  Imported temperature controller.

7.  Executive Standard: GB/T 2423.2;

8.  Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZAC 380V±10% 50HZ) ;

Temperature Fluctuation< ±0.5℃ Temperature Deviation< ±2.0℃


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