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Happy International Children's Day

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International Children's Day

Children are the future of our country.  However, before liberation, the children of the working people were deprived of the right to receive education and a happy childhood.  After the founding of New China, the Party and government attached great importance to the healthy growth of children. Despite the lack of material conditions and numerous difficulties in the early years of liberation, the CPC Central Committee still attached great importance to the all-round development of children.  In November 1949, the Council of the International Democratic Women's Federation decided that June 1 was the international Children's Day.  The newly established Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China decided to set this day as a Chinese children's festival.  The CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the first children's Day of new China.  In order to prepare for the celebration of June 1 Children's Day, in response to the Democratic Women's Federation and other groups issued an appeal for "safeguarding children's rights, for peace", China's 11 people's organizations and the central people's government departments concerned, specially formed the preparatory committee.  MAO Zedong wrote an inscription: "celebrate the children's Day".  Commander-in-chief Zhu De earnestly hoped: "New China's children, to love the motherland, love science, love labor, well prepared to build new China."  Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Soong Ching Ling, Deng Yingchao and other party and state leaders also wrote inscriptions for the children.  

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