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Research on Technology Innovation Path of Biomedical Industry in Jilin Province


      In recent years, the biomedical industry has sprung up, and modern biotechnology represented by genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, and fermentation engineering has developed rapidly. It has been well integrated with the traditional pharmaceutical industry, breaking through the previous technical problems and creating huge amounts of money. The proceeds. At present, the global biomedical market is developing rapidly, the market scale is expanding, and the profit generated by the company is increasing in multiples. Behind the rapid development of the biomedical industry, the highlands of competition in various countries still lie in the national economic strength and the national technical level. At the same time, the size of the biomedical market also reflects the pursuit of one's national health and living standards, as well as the improvement of the quality of life. With biomedicine, it has broken through the problems in the past medical history, such as the heart. Diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, hereditary diseases, infectious diseases, etc., the national health level has also been greatly improved, market demand is increasing day by day, and the market space is broad. The huge economic profits created by blockbuster biomedicine have played a major role in improving the economic strength of the region and the country, adjusting the economic structure, and opening up the international market. In order to seize the high ground of the biomedical market, many countries have already adopted the biomedical industry. Development is listed as a national key cultivation target. The United States has the world's most advanced biomedical technology, the most biomedical patents and the largest biomedical industry base. Europe has the world's largest biopharmaceutical company, and Japan proposes to establish a biotechnology industry. The slogan, these countries have divided the market share of the world's bio-pharmaceutical industry by nearly 90%. While gaining huge profits, they have also taken the initiative in other countries' markets and are in a trade surplus position. China is also focusing on the bio-pharmaceutical industry. The strategic emerging industries will promote leap-forward development of the industry, realize industrial upgrading and transformation, enhance national technological strength, and enhance international competitiveness as the current strategic focus. The ability of technological innovation is the core element of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Without the support of advanced biotechnology, the bio-pharmaceutical industry must be attached to similar industries in other countries. It is difficult to achieve the reversal of status. In order to develop the bio-pharmaceutical industry, the country is facing The competitive strength of other international competitors must strengthen the technological innovation strength of the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and drive the core technological capabilities of the industry with continuous technological innovation, thereby realizing the leap of industrial grade. As the world's most populous country, the United States has predicted that China will be the world's largest market for biomedical products within ten years, which fully demonstrates China's huge potential in the biomedical market. There are more than 700 biopharmaceutical companies in China, 2013. In the whole year, the total industrial output value of the biomedical industry exceeded 2 trillion yuan. Since the implementation of the 863 Program, China has successfully developed nearly 100 functional genes with independent intellectual property rights in human functional gene research projects. Among the more than 40 kinds of bioengineering drugs, 18 kinds can be produced in China, and 8 of the 10 best-selling drugs in the world can be produced in China. At present, nearly 30 biotech drugs have entered clinical application in China, and nearly 180 kinds have entered the clinical research stage. However, as a latecomer to the biomedical industry, China is still clearly lagging behind in terms of biotechnology level and biotechnology R&D innovation.
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