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Temperature Humidity Stability Test Chamber

Medicine Stability chamber (Stock 250L)

Humidity:20~95%RH Capacity:150L~500L
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Product introduction

Labonce-GS series medicine stability test box, program operation, accurate control of temperature and humidity, meet the test conditions of stability investigation which is especially suitable for the accelerated long-term test requirements of large infusion injection.

Capacity: 150L~500L 

Temperature Range:10~65℃, Fluctuation:±0.5℃, Deviation: ±1.0℃

Humidity Range: 20~95%RH,Fluctuation:±3.0%RH, Deviation: ±3.0%RH

Temperature and Humidity controller:Original imported color touch screen controller,5 inches above, program control, with three-level permission code;

Humidity Sensor:Imported VAISALA capacitive humidity sensor, which is directly detected without maintenance;

Refrigeration Compressor: Full-closed compressor imported from original, long life, low noise;

Data Printing: The type and number of equipment can be printed, temperature and humidity value and curve can be printed at the same time.

Data Storage: Can store temperature and humidity over 5 years;

On-site Alarm: On-site temperature and humidity deviation sound-light alarm, independent over-temperature alarm;

Remote Alarm: Remote SMS alarm (with power outage), multiple devices can share one mobile card;

Box Material:The inner liner material is stainless steel 304, and the outer shell material is quality steel plate.

Double Door structure:A toughened glass door is built in for easy observation; The outer door is completely closed to shield the influence of external light.

Double Protection: Double insurance and dry burning protection system; Equipped with independent overtemperature protection system, the power can be cut off automatically.

Safety Device: Compressor overheat protection, compressor overpressure protection, compressor overheat protection and fan overheat protection.

Installation Power: AC 220V± 10% 50HZ;

Working Environment: + 5 ~ 35 ℃ (best can control within 30 ℃, using the limit under the condition of control within 26 ℃);

Special Note:The relevant printing parameters on the color pages are different from the description on the page.


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